Innovative Concepts and Designs
  • Showcase
  • Stage
  • BOvisuel is true to its conviction to stand out in its approach by staging showcases and displays as customization tools servicing the client's branding image.
  • Design and Installation
  • We handle the design and organization related to the implementation of the decoration of the frontstore display. All graphics and vinyl production, paper backgrounds and banners are made here at BOvisuel to ensure the quality and timeliness. Your display are a reflection of your business.
  • Consideration to the corporative image
  • The uniformity of design of your displays and showcases causes a visual impact that raises the eyes of customers and reinforces the importance of the message you want to make, as well as to differentiate you from your competitors. We ensure the consistency of your corporate image throughout your different locations.
  • Materials
  • We offer decorative elements and mediums to meet your specific needs such as: electrostatic vinyls, banners, wallpaper, vinyl letterings, models and decorative accessories.
  • BOvisuel
  • Corporate
  • Attract
  • Our ability to create innovative visual universes for corporate events or commercial tradeshows have the ultimate aim of provoking a singular experience that arouses the customers' interest in you.
  • Corporate Services
  • The corporate design atmosphere at company events is the extension of the impact you want to create with your customers. Again BOvisuel is with you from design, manufacturing and staging up these special events.
  • Conventions
  • Tradeshows
  • Design & Booth Setups
  • Theme Parties
  • Room Staging
  • BOvisuel
  • Private Parties
  • RSVP
  • We offer unique thematic decors for each of our projects to create unique and striking results.
  • Receptions
  • Looking to create a lasting impression for your guests, you can count on us for an original and creative atmosphere for an unforgettable evening.
  • Original Wedding Themes
  • Ideas & Consuting
  • Innovative Decors
  • Cocktails
  • Birthdays
  • BOvisuel

Humour, Intelligence & Respect

Nous croyons que l'humour et l'intelligence sont à portée de tous et qu'il suffit d'innover pour attirer l'attention et le respect du public.
  • Notre quête; l'innovation
  • Notre motivation; surprendre
  • Notre jubilation; la fidélité de notre clientèle!


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We innovate, we stay informed, we follow international news in terms of design. We want the best for our customers ... We want striking results!


BOvisuel is a Montreal based company anchored in the field of visual displays and showcases for the last 25 years.

Vibes Designers

Design, production of showcases, corporate images, commercial decors & setups for the organization of special events.

World Views

Our company specializes in graphic design, printing and concept installations in shop storefronts and corporate events.